Extracts/ Flash Fiction

An intro lurking on my hard drive…

‘You know, I think this one might have a chance.’

‘Oh?’ Alphonse said, looking at his brother. ‘Looks like an idiot to me. No different from the rest.’ He adjusted himself on the windowsill, looking down at the detective’s office. The detective was busy reading through pages of notes about the case, oblivious to Alphonse and Wesley watching his every move. It had amused them, for they had nothing else to do except float around and hope that the gateway would open again. They knew it wouldn’t though, not until the case was solved.

So far all the detectives put on the case had gone crazy after only a few days, regardless of how determined or level headed they appeared to have been. Word around the department was that the case was cursed. Even so, this detective had taken it up without so much as a tremble.

Extracts/ Flash Fiction

Editing ‘The Curse of Earthias’

Editing can be a royal pain, but it is nice when I come across a paragraph or scene that I really like:

‘No, Kai. She has to understand that she cannot keep running away from her troubles. She must stand up and acknowledge them. There have been horrors in her life, yes, but we have seen horror too, and so have a thousand others! We cannot back down to our past. We have to rise to meet it instead, and if she has the power to seal the demons away and to stop Yazar from carrying out whatever foul plans they have, then she must use it!’