Do you buy books more from bookshops, or online?

While pondering whether to stick with my plan of querying agents for six months (a plan formed on the advice of a literary agent who I had the chance to have a short one-to-one with about the publishing industry; she suggested that I query twelve agents a month for half a year, and then consider my options after that time if I was unsuccessful) or to simply save up and self-publish/ try a small press, I  keep thinking about where I want my book to be sold.

I love the idea of walking into a bookshop and seeing my work, but the reality is that unless I do hook an agent, and then if the agent hooks one of the big six, that idea is nothing but a fantasy. Then I think to myself, if my book (however it’s eventually published) sells well online, does it really matter if it’s not in brick and mortar shops?

I certainly know that while I like to mooch around in a bookshop for several hours, I tend to only find the ‘popular’ books by authors I like (such as Diana Wynne Jones’ ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’- whenever I check my local Waterstones, that’s the only book of hers I find), and so I end up ordering the rest online.

So the question is, should I really be worried about only seeing my book for sale online? After all, it wouldn’t make me any less of an author…would it?