Extracts/ Flash Fiction

Extract: The Origin Stone

I close my eyes, not quite brave enough to face my fate so directly, but then I felt a tug at the back of my mind, willing my senses back to me. It comes again, more desperate. It forces me to open my eyes, and as I do, it’s as though I’ve been drowning and have just come up for air.

I gasp, drinking in the energy that’s now coursing through my vessel body.

Giving up no longer seems like an option; but now the Djorgar is mere inches away. It raises its scaled arm, ready to tear through me.

I watch it come down, as though in slow motion, but the impact never comes. Instead, a wave of energy bursts from my mind, hitting the creature full on and forces it into the fire behind it. I watch as it’s incinerated, the fire increasing in heat so that it’s reduced to ashes in less than a moment.

Without any effort at all, I break the rope that binds me and sink to my knees, staring hard at the ground. That power wasn’t mine. It can’t have been; I hadn’t even had time to focus it.