World Poetry Day

So today is World Poetry Day, and as well as uploading another fairy tale poem to my growing collection, I thought I’d just take a moment to mention two things that may be of interest:

The first is Jen Campbell’s video series ‘Dissect a Poem’ in which she does what most of us did with poems at school – break them down so we can better understand them and interpret the many possible meanings. The reason I wanted to talk about this series is because even though I like writing poetry, until I watched these videos I didn’t really think about reading it because I was worried that I wouldn’t ‘get’ it (I’ve always loved children’s poetry, but really shied away from poems aimed at a more mature audience for this very reason). But that’s why these videos are great. Jen shows that it’s okay for different people to have different views and ideas about what a poem holds within it (not to mention the exercise of looking at a poem in detail is rather fun). So, if you’re interested in checking out those videos, here’s the link.

The second, and I did mention this in an earlier post, is the children’s poetry collection ‘The Puffin Book of Utterly Brilliant Poetry’, which is still a fantastic book jam packed with fun and inventive poetry, and will have you laughing all day (while reflecting on society, too). Obviously, having read this book as a child, my view is highly influenced by nostalgia, but that aside there are some very interesting pieces and insightful interviews with the poets themselves.

Happy reading!