The Swan (draft)

Feathers leafed across

the silver neck,

elongated by the sun’s

dawn fingers. Reflections

change on the water’s

surface; webbed feet

cracked into separate


Every night as moonface

greets the pale ripples,

a crown of moss

adorns the head,

mocking its gilded

cousin for the barrier

keeping them


Coarse voice soon

turns to music,

eased by lips instead

of beak. But the instance

is fleeting, a rolling

waiver shimmering with

the false promise of



Author: dragonink90

I'm a writer of MG and YA fiction, and also a poet. The first book in my Half-Wizard Thordric series, Unofficial Detective, will be released by Creativia in the near future. Oh, I binge watch Booktube videos, too.