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Inkyeverafter Press

Inkyeverafter PressBy Zoe Sadler

So why did we set up Inkyeverafter Press?

For years I have been trying to get my work traditionally published, and yes, like you have probably heard over and over again, it is a long hard road and not always easy. However; books, reading and illustration have always been my biggest passions in life. Have I considered giving up my publishing dreams? Yes! Frankly I have, more than once, but I always come right back around to my love of books.

When I left University after an illustration degree I couldn’t find any work. I was too inexperienced, the market was too saturated. I submitted my portfolio to publisher after publisher and received rejection after rejection. It was soul destroying! I tried to find an agent but I didn’t really have any luck there either, not with anyone truly reputable that could help me on my way…

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Parking ticket

Mind the clock

as the ticket-master

prepares to drop


the white leaf

onto the window;

a grim flash of teeth.


Upholding his duty.

The passenger inside flares

her nostrils at this cruelty


and in a flash of skirts

rises from her seat

to kick him where it hurts.