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Are you interested in writing a guest post for Annie Likes Words or working together on a collaborative post?

I am looking for bloggers who share my passion for literature to either write a guest post or collaborate on a fabulous post to go on both of our sites.  I would prefer that the content be related to reading and writing, but am open to all ideas.

If you have a stellar idea or just want to chat, fill out the form below.  Please fill out all the required fields as well as a few ideas or your collaboration or guest post in the body of the message.  Please share any social media Hit that “submit” button and I will get back to you soon!

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On the trail of a first time indie author

It’s always interesting to hear from authors about how they got their work into print.

Inkyeverafter Press

The Inky team were delighted to be approached by Isle of Wight author and illustrator Marianne Su Yin to help see her dream of publishing a picture book become a reality.

Marianne is a talented illustrator and, like Zoe, used crowdfunding to finance her book ‘On the Trail of the Missing Pets’. This was Marianne’s first foray into the world of self-publishing, so we asked her to share her thoughts on becoming an indie author.

On The Trail of The Missing Pets

Naively thinking the process of actually writing and illustrating a book would be the hardest part, it was a surprise to learn this was just the beginning. After six months of revisions, edits, formatting and preparation I made the wise decision (thankfully, in hindsight) to employ a professional for its transition from storyboard to publication. It is so easy to become attached to our work that taking a step back can be difficult, and sometimes…

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Creature Unknown

The hand on my face presses down, sliding its fingers into my gills. No oxygen, no screaming, I suppose it thinks. My mouth proves otherwise. I have teeth, I have lungs, I have a voice that belts out an alert to all around me. There is a creature here wanting to crush you. It’s got me. Stay back, else it will get you, too.