Why you don’t need a mountain to change your life – but it helps

Krissy Lloyd

At the start of 2017 I was experiencing a bit of a mid life-crisis. I was 42, and though I could say I had achieved a lot – running my own business, completed personal challenges like walking Hadrian’s Wall, climbing Ben Nevis and Snowden, Walk the Wight (twice including in the dark!) – I felt unfulfilled.

Having been diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder, the last 15 years have been a mental health rollercoaster but thanks to therapy and the support of some amazing friends I am feeling stronger and more resilient now than I ever have. There are still bad days, and always will be, but I have strategies in place to manage them rather than be overwhelmed by them.

So, getting back to the New Year crisis. By chance I picked up a copy of Pyschologies Magazine which featured an article on Vision Boards. I had read…

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