Thank you NaNoWriMo, for helping me overcome my Fear

The Cat's Write

I used to pay out anyone who participated in NaNoWriMo, thinking that anyone who took part wasn’t a real writer. Why the hell would you wait until November to write a novel? Why not write one now, whether that ‘now’ is May or August? I was someone who used to write every day, and scoffed at anyone who thought joining a mass-writing event was cool. Until the day came that I couldn’t write.

I’ve probably mentioned this story many times, but long story short, I endured a fair bit of rejection in relation to my second novel and in the end I lost the will to write. Coincidentally, all this happened around the end of October last year when my WordPress reader was being flooded with ‘NaNoWriMo’ posts. They were like pesky mosquitos, and no matter how hard I tried to swipe them away, they kept on swarming.

I decided I didn’t…

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