The Origin Stone by Kathryn Rossati – Book Review

A great review of my book from the lovely Herding Cats!

Herding Cats

Thank You to Kathryn Rossati for an ARC coipy of this book in return for an honest review.

Also, apologies to Kathryn for taking so long to review her book.



Emily Renzi thinks she’s going crazy. After her parents move to a quiet village, she senses that something is off about the house they’re living in. Dreams of strange creatures invade her sleep, and mysterious shapes appear in the garden. Confiding in her older brother, Ru, they research the house’s background and find that a scientist disappeared there during World War II. Afterwards, sightings of strange creatures were whispered around the village. Could the creatures in Emily’s dreams and the ones rumored about be the same? And if so, what do they want from her?

As she struggles to piece together the truth from the fiction, she finds out that beasts aren’t always monsters – humans, however, are a…

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