Fishing Net

The barrage comes hard,

I’m forced down to the depths of my own emotions

every time we discuss it.

I’m caught in the rewind

while clawing up at the future, the now.

It will take years

to peel off every layer of doubt I’ve accumulated,

every word that the self-proclaimed judge and jury

have balanced on my shoulders.

But I can always look into your eyes.

My moonlight

in the starless night.


You are the Yin to my Yang

It’s soothing to hold your face in my hands.

As the cuts open up on my body,

I can cling to the sensation of your smile

under my fingertips.


When you seep down like melted wax,

I want to step up, take your hands

and hold your palms to my cheeks.

Can you feel my smile, the smile

you gave me before the world turned upside down?


I like to think we stand

each side of a pair of scales, perfectly balanced,

and if one of us stumbles, the other

can compensate and bring us level again.