I don’t remember the title, but it’s blue…

There are times when my palm is super glued to my face.

I can’t even look at another person for fear of something idiotic

escaping their lips and causing tears to spring from my eyes,

wide with incredulity. Said a person in a bookshop,

this morning to their phone, ‘Siri, what books are in this bookshop?’

‘Here’s what I’ve come up with,’ dutiful Siri replied

while her search results loaded and the asker

gazed idly at the bookshelves, an inch or so away.

But of course, Siri could not see inside the bookshop,

and so could only guess. ‘That’s no good. I need to know

exactly what books this bookshop sells.’

‘Here’s what I’ve come up with,’ she repeats. I swear

this time her digital voice is filled with resignation.


Do you buy books more from bookshops, or online?

While pondering whether to stick with my plan of querying agents for six months (a plan formed on the advice of a literary agent who I had the chance to have a short one-to-one with about the publishing industry; she suggested that I query twelve agents a month for half a year, and then consider my options after that time if I was unsuccessful) or to simply save up and self-publish/ try a small press, I  keep thinking about where I want my book to be sold.

I love the idea of walking into a bookshop and seeing my work, but the reality is that unless I do hook an agent, and then if the agent hooks one of the big six, that idea is nothing but a fantasy. Then I think to myself, if my book (however it’s eventually published) sells well online, does it really matter if it’s not in brick and mortar shops?

I certainly know that while I like to mooch around in a bookshop for several hours, I tend to only find the ‘popular’ books by authors I like (such as Diana Wynne Jones’ ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’- whenever I check my local Waterstones, that’s the only book of hers I find), and so I end up ordering the rest online.

So the question is, should I really be worried about only seeing my book for sale online? After all, it wouldn’t make me any less of an author…would it?