The words of magic

The words of magic

can be seen in lines of searching ants,

in the spiral of a snail’s shell,

in the veins of a leaf.


The words of magic

can be spoken in verse,

yawned into a pillow,

humoured in the bath.


The words of magic

can be expressed through dance,

placed in heavy footsteps,

sounded in a run.


The words of magic

can live on our skin,

reside in our blood,

beat with our heart.


The words of magic

are never far away.

Check over your shoulder

and greet them with a smile

on the play of the wind.



The Thoughts of Those

The moon glanced up at the sun. It

Had never worked

With such a well-known star before

And was more nervous than the first

Time it glowed for the Earth.

Of course, it had always seen

The sun, but now they were cast

Together for the Eclipse

(A momentous production);

How small and pale it felt.

The sun didn’t notice

The moon’s nervousness.

The sun was busy looking at

The giant audience of peers

Gathered around to witness

Its Moment.