Uncovered (draft)

Why should my  sensitivity

be a sign

of who I am?



should I be measured by

the bruises I bear

from a night of unrest,

when all I asked for

was hospitality?


Why would you seek

to drug me

with pea-sized pills

and force me to climb

the innerspring tower,

when a simple question

would so easily give

rest to your doubts?


Don’t take my truths

as acceptance

of your hand.


If you had

seen me

first, I may have reconsidered.


The cover has been

removed from you, not me.


Your chance has been spoiled:


desire has that effect.

You will



Far out in the Ocean (draft)

Dry, silver scales speak on my tongue

of glittering waves and the deepest depths.

But I can only reach them when

the blue calls me back.


When the blue calls me back and

the silver scales become me.

I long to dive down inside my mind

to search for the reason why;


I cannot recall ever being this hungry

for something my memory no longer holds.

Yet the pumping of my heart mirrors

the weight of liquid cornflowers.


And I know the foam will gather.

One day.