You want to be a post for me to lean on,

an ear to whisper all secrets.

You want to be my walking guide,

and take me off the boring paths.

You want to be the person I always laugh with,

the person who will take my hand in dance.

You want to be the one to hold me,

ward away all my fears.

You want to be a wall of protection

against all my daily worries.

You want to always be in my life,

smile at me every day.

You want to make a pact,

words that hold true forever.


I want to accept those words,

and to be all those things for you.



A simple sentence can pave the way for a giant stride

if the letters decide to rearrange themselves

before the words are from the mind, formed

by unwilling fingers.


A conversation swayed from one topic to another

with a stumble from a thumb,

forever breaking ice in the sheer absurdity

and private nature of what is accidentally asked.