Chrono Surfers


Morning shines on my eyelids,

and still your arms

are clasped around me.

The whole night, you didn’t

let go.


And the smile you give me is even brighter

than the evening before.



In my dreams, you’re always present.

Mostly observing, there if I need you.

Yet a solid form none the less.



I see your silhouette

on the horizon, glowing

with otherworldly light.

I laugh.

We have no need for pedestals.

We are who we are,

even more so when we’re together.



We don’t compromise.

We ignite.


Not content with simply riding time’s waves,

but making them.


Set to our own rules,

no pathways blocked.


Oracle of Ages

The trees always smiled when I entered the forest.

I bet you think that’s


TreesĀ can’tĀ smile.

But they can;

look closely.


With their slight shimmering

of branches,

they always asked why it was so long





I would reply the same way each time.

‘So I may never take this peace

and solace for granted.

It is easy for moments like this

to go unappreciated

until the time we can share them

no more.’


Now, trees are ageless,

pensive beings,

who see much loss in their lifetimes.

Yet no matter how they try,

the fleeting, finicky

minds of humans

are quite beyond them.


All the council they gave was, ‘Surely

the wonder of a moment

pales beside the wonder of an age?’


No posts found

None to guide the way out of those dreams

where you know you’re dreaming

and simply want to claw your way into the light, grey sky

of morning, any morning.


No markers for you to cling to,

no staff to take up and battle, conscious vs subconscious,

a fight not to the death but to waking,

hoping that the sensation of your body moving

is not from the body that is trapped,

hoping it is from the one where blood flows

and grants oxygen to your brain.


Awake, awake!

You call, you shout, you scream.


No post-it note to remind you that

dreaming about waking up

and waking from a dream are separate things,

and only one can stop the night terror

that paralyses you in the minutes

sleeping past your alarm.


No one to tell you that sixty seconds in the waking world

can be a lifetime

in the dream state.