Recipe for moving

Step one:

Plant money seeds in pot. Research gingerbread recipes.


Step two:

Add feed to money seeds. Begin weighing out ingredients for gingerbread. Check against favourite recipe.


Step three:

Keep feeding and watering money seeds as they become seedlings. Mix gingerbread ingredients together. Stir well, taste-testing where necessary.


Step four:

Keep money seedlings safe as they mature. Pour gingerbread mix into wall- and roof-shaped tins and place in oven. Cook until fully risen.

(This step takes the longest.)


Step five:

Take out gingerbread parts to cool. Pick money plant leaves and grind into icing.


Step six:

Assemble gingerbread house using money plant icing. Use any excess money plant icing to decorate gingerbread house.


Step seven:

Plant more money seeds for use as icing to stop gingerbread house falling apart over time.



Home is where we stand

facing the beams that hold us up.

We measure ourselves against walls and doors,

imprinting our personality

into dented paintwork and over-trafficked carpets.

We can inhabit alone,

or we can inhabit together.

Parents, siblings, friends, lovers

may move in or out,

furniture may dance together or shuffle apart,

but the foundations will always remain.