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Well, this snuck up quickly — The Curse of Earthias, my latest book, is now out!

Hi everyone! Just a little announcement post (I know the title says it, but I thought I’d elaborate).

After much hard work revising and editing (read about it here), I’m finally able to share with you the book which evolved from two different ideas I had back when I was about twelve. It’s been a long time coming, and I put it aside so many times to work on other projects, so it’s amazing to think my little manuscript is now an actual real life book.

While not the first full manuscript I wrote, I started drafting very early versions of chapters one and two when I was in high school, and while those chapters have been lost in the depths of time, I believe that the tone I tried to capture then still resides at the heart of this final version.

Also, on an interesting note, one of the main characters is autistic like me, though as he isn’t human (he’s an Earth Healer – similar to an elf) and the entire story is set in a fantasy world, the term ‘autism’ is not used anywhere in the book – but the traits are there. It was interesting discovering this, as it wasn’t intentional and the first draft was completed long before I was diagnosed. I suppose I put more of myself into him than I thought.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you The Curse of Earthias:

Taken in by Queen Celeste of Xylantria when she was a child, a young woman called Yusumi finds herself accused of murdering her beloved mentor.

With the help of her friend, the enormous wolf-lion Jidan, she flees the royal city. Soon after, they meet Xanna and Kai, two Earth Healers from the mystical forest of Earthias. They are on a journey to find a cure for their cursed Wise Woman – a curse cast by human magic, which has been dead for centuries.

But behind the scenes, a darker power is at play. Pursued by demonic and undead forces, can they find answers for the Earth Healers and clear Yusumi’s name?

Extracts/ Flash Fiction

Extract: The Curse of Earthias

You cannot bring back the dead, princess.

Yusumi stopped, the words resonating in her mind from the day, so long ago, when she’d woken from her dream to find Jidan waiting to tell her that Queen Celeste wanted to speak with her.

‘I know,’ she whispered to herself. ‘I have to stop looking at the past, and make my future. I promise.’

The spindly foliage around them rustled. Everyone tensed, ready to defend themselves if necessary, but it was only the old woman they’d met before. ‘If you’re set on making a good future, my girl, then I’ll give you a word of advice. Don’t talk to yourself around others, they may think you’ve gone strange in the head,’ she said dryly. She eyed them all up, taking in the exhausted way they carried themselves and the loose threads and gashes on their clothing. ‘Here,’ she continued, throwing them each a bunch of berries. ‘You look famished.’

They ate quickly, realising that the ache they’d all felt in their stomachs hadn’t just been caused by grief. When they’d finished, the old woman sat down on a log, motioning for them to do the same. With sudden recognition, they saw that it was the very same place they had made camp before, on their way to the mountain.