Circumference, measurement of the round.

If I spin, arms out.

Jig around a Maypole.

Mark a central point,

and chalk its walkway

with taut rope.

Take the lens out a magnifying glass

and roll it down a hill.

Lock my eye on yours

as you sip from a cup

made on a potter’s wheel.


The Number Games: May the odds be in your favour

I’m thinking of a number –

no, not that one –

it’s a bit more edgy,

higher too.

So four?

Not quite, try another.

Six then.

Oh, come on now, you

can do better than that.

I said edgy.

Fine, thirteen then.

No, no, no.

Half a triangle more like.

A triangle?

Is this even about numbers anymore?

No, not really,

but it kept you interested

for a while,

didn’t it?


The answer was seven.

By the way.