Spirit Walker

The silent children nod their heads as it approaches,

jumping from the thin branches to hitch a ride on its reaching antlers.

Green spreads from each step it takes, vines spiralling

into unicorn horn points to warn off man

if he should venture too close to the gateway.

It kisses the flowers in the mushroom ring

when the moon spills down, greets the waiting oak,

and passes through with its precious cargo safe and free.


Through the woods (draft)

I see you standing there,

my friend, waiting to

observe the one in red


riding through the woods

on a stead of illusion.

She gallops confidently


without care, oblivious

to the thud of hooves

disturbing their den.


You wish to protect her,

but why should you

expend such energy


for one who will never

know and never care

of your existence?