Shaken, not stirred.

We’re two sides of the same coin,

individually an image, combined a complete person.

We could have gone forever not meeting one another,

blind to what we can see in a room of mirrors.

It took throwing caution up in the air

on a chance comment

to flip our perspectives

and finally see that we’ve always been just a short way apart,

the possibility of our friendship

slapping us in the face until we finally listened.


Blanket Trends

The patchwork quilt I show you,

each square lovingly sewn,

has input from all the family.

I’ve already seen yours,

and it has made me smile many times.

Now I’m showing you mine,

I catch the same twitch upwards to your lips

as plays on my own.

You finally know

how I’ve melted into your life

as if I’ve always been here.