Modern Art

Your mouth parts slightly when you sleep on your back,

eyelids as soft as if they’re painted on.

You spend so much time animated –

jumping from moment to moment –

that at first it was strange to see you rest.

Then I learnt that this is the only peace you get.


My body misbehaves when I’m tired

My feet dribble into the porous floor

another piece wandering off

without my permission


Hands fling keys across the room

as the fingers crumple inwards

in submission


Head bowed and mind travelling

over the waterfall again

again again again


When will I wake?


Wake up call

Uncurling from my core,

I rise up, pushing against my skeleton,

fingers, toes,

stretched out like tendrils,

seeking light and enthusiasm

that eludes this dark hour.

I drink deep chugs of air,

inflating my lungs to full capacity

and exhale with force,

rinsing out the shadows of the night

that sent me clawing at my pillow and muttering

to faceless, nameless


until words held no meaning.


Path finder

You cradle the dragon against your chest,

shielding its sleeping form from the elements.


Walking proud

along sandy shores

that soak up your footprints

even as you make them.


Waves crash and swell,

music in its most natural fashion,


for the pull of your hand.

A friendly caress, an age old bond.


But it is not yet time to give in

and take its shelter,

Rocks must be overturned and mountains scaled.


The dragon already begins to stir

and it is still

far from home.