Flight: A Science Fiction Anthology

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d let you now that the science fiction anthology I’m part of is now out.

Here’s a link to the ebook, and the paperback should be available by the end of the week.

I’m very excited to be a part of this, and look forward to reading the other stories in it myself.




They line up at the cliff edge, eyes on the storm clouds ahead,

nervously opening the umbrellas they’ve just been handed by the young assistant

about to direct them.

He asks a few questions, answers of which are stolen away by the wind

as it crawls through their mouths and hair.

Then he takes out a combined watch, compass and barometer, counts down

and gives a short pip of his silver whistle.

As one, the first group steps off the cliff

and catches the draft down to the city below,

floating serenely as their suitcases dangle by their knees,

carrying everything they need for arrival.

Another pip sounds behind them, and

briefly they wonder

how many the assistant has to guide today.




It’s midnight again and the clock is striking. It’s chiming, ding, ring, outside my door.


It’s midnight again and the colours are brightening. They’re painting, stroke, line, on the walls.


It’s midnight again and the shadows are evolving. They’re dancing, hop, leap, at the foot of my bed.


It’s midnight again and the ghosts are appearing. They’re singing, fa, la, by the window.


It’s midnight again and the whispers are growing. They’re chattering, snicker, bicker, by my head.


It’s past midnight now, and the house is quiet. Not a sound, breath, sniff, to be heard.