Recipe for moving

Step one:

Plant money seeds in pot. Research gingerbread recipes.


Step two:

Add feed to money seeds. Begin weighing out ingredients for gingerbread. Check against favourite recipe.


Step three:

Keep feeding and watering money seeds as they become seedlings. Mix gingerbread ingredients together. Stir well, taste-testing where necessary.


Step four:

Keep money seedlings safe as they mature. Pour gingerbread mix into wall- and roof-shaped tins and place in oven. Cook until fully risen.

(This step takes the longest.)


Step five:

Take out gingerbread parts to cool. Pick money plant leaves and grind into icing.


Step six:

Assemble gingerbread house using money plant icing. Use any excess money plant icing to decorate gingerbread house.


Step seven:

Plant more money seeds for use as icing to stop gingerbread house falling apart over time.