The price of a question

they can tag it with zeros

handcrafted, handmade, genuine – no fakery here

how about that shine?

solitaire, ethical, natural, uncut

ready in a moment

ready in a year

splash out with paper, plastic, pal

plunge into the depths with a hole full of pockets

and return empty handed – it was simply

too much



What do you do if you have a tube

needing a nozzle,

but is nozzle-less?

And while we’re at it,

perhaps we should consider

how nozzle is close to nuzzle,

close as close, yet far apart,

unless you’re applying filler.




What is in

the nozzle-needing

nozzle-less tube,


A hand to hold,

a hug from a friend

undercover as a stranger?

A cart-load of commuters

squashed up in glue?


Ah, the nozzle.


Hiding down the aisle,

white-feather painted.

Now we can use it

to thrust out

liquid staples into the cracks

that have appeared

in your straining cheeks.


It’ll only hurt for a moment.