Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m an autistic author and write poetry, YA and MG fiction.

This humble space is Treeshallow (named after the main realm in my novel The Door Between Worlds), and is a place for me to share with you my poetry, works in progress, thoughts on autism/neurodiversity and (on occasion) book reviews.

My two latest books are:

A BOOK FOR PANDORA  — poetry with themes of fairytale, identity, love and hope.

THE ORIGIN STONE  — young adult speculative fiction with plenty of heart, adventure and the odd mysterious creature or two:

Emily Renzi thinks she’s going crazy. After her parents move to a quiet village, she senses that something is off about the house they’re living in.

Dreams of strange creatures invade her sleep, and mysterious shapes appear in the garden. Confiding in her older brother, Ru, they research the house’s background and find out that a scientist disappeared there during World War Two. Afterwards, sightings of strange creatures were whispered around the village.

Could the creatures in Emily’s dreams be the same ones and if so, what do they want from her? Struggling to piece together the truth, Emily soon understands that monsters come in many forms.

image (57)



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