Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m an autistic author and write poetry, YA and MG fiction. I recently finished an RSPB fundraiser called #52weeksofnaturepoetry, which you can find out more about on the relevant tab on this blog, or on the original Just Giving page here.

This humble space is Treeshallow (named after the main realm in my novel The Door Between Worlds), and is a place for me to share with you my poetry, works in progress, thoughts on autism/neurodiversity and (on occasion) book reviews.

My two latest books are:


Magic! Hissed The Little Demons (poetry)

Everyone has their demons.

From time to time, they’ll sneak up on us or run about underfoot. They’ll keep tripping us until we summon the one thing they can’t stand: magic. That igniting surge of self-belief that sends them crawling back into the shadows.

An imaginative and accessible collection of poetry, Magic! Hissed The Little Demons explores depression, self-confidence, friendship, and determination, blending the fantastical with the contemporary, and a hint or two of sass.

If We Could Hold Up The Sky (poetry)

Love is malleable and comes in many forms. It can be shaped into bridges and carved into doorways. It can become a hand to hold up the sky when everything threatens to crash down around us. 

Inspired by personal experience,  If We Could Hold Up The Sky is a poetry collection revolving around the tale of two neurodivergent individuals who meet as colleagues, fall rapidly into an iron friendship, and gradually become romantic partners.

The collection also explores mental health, childhood, societal expectations, work-related stress, and how a solid foundation of support can make all the difference to overall wellbeing.

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