The Wild Wight Podcast

Hi everyone, I know this blog has been rather silent for the past few months. Largely, it’s because I’m actually getting better at self-care and thus not forcing myself to do anything I’m not truly up to. As blogging takes quite a bit of energy, something I don’t tend to have much of, I’ve decided to only post when I have something noteworthy to share.

Which brings me to The Wild Wight Podcast, a new series about wildlife and conservation on the Isle Of Wight (where I live), which features interviews with local wildlife charities and organisations, as well as individuals with a keen knowledge of the natural world, and — I’m delighted to say — a selection of my #52weeksofnaturepoetry poems.

The first episode has just been released, so please do take a moment to check out The Wild Wight’s Facebook page, where you can find more information on what the podcast is about and how to listen to it: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084422042612